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Markilux 1650 Awnings

The markilux 1650 is nearly identical to the markilux 1600, save for the LED integrated spotlights in the front profile. This makes a noticeable difference, meaning that you will be able to use your awning during the day, to protect yourself from harsh sunlight or rain, and during the evening.

The Markilux 1650 AwningWith LEDs able to rotate up to 90 degrees and be dimmed, you will be able to illuminate the house’s façade, or the patio or balcony area beneath.

The maximum width is 710cm and the maximum projection is 400cm. With a strong, double steel-link chain, you won’t need to worry about your awning becoming loose or wearing out quickly. The markilux 1650 also comes with a coverboard that has won an IF design award; it is fitted with a brush that removes dirt and debris as the awning closes.