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Markilux ES-1 Awnings

With its Red Dot Design Award, there is now doubt that the markilux ES-1 is one of the best awnings you can buy.

The Markilux ES-1 AwningThe strong, gas, piston-tensioned arms pull the fabric of the awning taut, even when it is not full extended or closed. The stainless steel roof embraces the fabric and fabric roller, meaning that you will not have to pay out for any costly repairs and that your awning is perfectly supported. With all arms, hinged joints, screws and additional construction elements all being made from V4A-stainless steel, you will receive the highest quality and sturdiest designed awning.

The markilux ES-1 has a maximum width of 650cm with a maximum projection of 300cm and a maximum width of 600cm with a maximum projection of 350cm. The semi-matte marine-grade stainless steel protects all elements of the awning from corrosion, saving you the time and money in the future. It is operated by a radio-controlled motor using a markilux remote control.