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Markilux MX-1 Compact Awnings

The markilux MX-1 compact is the markilux MX-1’s little sister, with a smaller and thinner frame for ease with placing on a wall on your patio or balcony area.

The Markilux MX-1 AwningThe cassette awning has a construction depth of 40cm, but is just as impressive as its larger model. With a range of additional features, such as LED lights, folding arms with bionic tendon, 5-25 degrees tilt adjustment via a tilt joint, water drainage via an integrated gutter in the front profile and even more colour variations, you will certainly find the markilux MX-1 compact that fits your individual needs.

The awning’s maximum width is 700cm and maximum projection is 415cm. With the markilux MX-1 compact’s LED lights, they are dimmable Ambiente and can have additional coloured accents added to them. The front aluminium screen can be designed in all lounge and standard colours. The awning is operated by a radio-controlled motor with a 4-channel remote control.